About us

Who we are?

GCS Designing and Advertising is a Branding & Design agency that builds, strengthens and nurtures brands. We help a wide range of businesses to spread a greater awareness and demand for their offerings. Our team comprises of professionals with expertise in Brand adaptation, Graphic Design and Communications.

Our Promise

High Quality Content & Qualified Professionals

We promise to deliver you high quality content free from errors within a pre-agreed turn around time. We promise to assign a highly qualified, talented professional to any project you contract from us.

Creative Customised Solutions

We promise to listen carefully to your needs and deliver solutions specifically designed to suit your purpose and fulfill your business objectives. We promise to apply creativity to all that we do, taking an innovate approach to meeting your needs and customising our approach to you.

Passion and Commitment

We promise to undertake projects with great passion and commitment so you can be assured of receiving excellent work.


How do we work?

1) Brief receiving from the Client.
2) Study and understand the brand guideline. 
3) Strategic planning to position the brand in local market with existing infrastructure.

1) Discussing with creative team and come up with different options, and ideation without limits and boundaries is encouraged. 
2) The best one is shortlisted for Execution.

1) The shortlisted idea is developed into a complete visual with relevant fonts, color pallets, graphics, etc.
2) These are then validated for adaptation. 
3) At this stage ideas may be rejected before final options are presented to Client.

Golden Calligraphy Drawing & Silk Screen Printing